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Crown OG

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Strain Overview

The Scoop: Considered potent nobility by the legions of OG Kush enthusiasts, Crown OG is a uniquely pure Indica-dominant hybrid. Distinguished for capturing a second place trophy during the 2016 SoCal High Times Competition for “Best Indica Concentrate,” this strain’s powerful cannabinoids and palatable terpenes routinely test in the high 20-percentile for THC. Perfect for subjugating daily stress and anxiety, those striving for productivity or a “wake-n-bake” strain should probably look elsewhere.

The Result: Forceful and assertive, Crown OG is NOT recommended for the uninitiated or the faint of heart. Caveat given, today’s connoisseurs with highly elevated tolerance levels have discovered that Crown OG is just what the doctor ordered for vanquishing restless nights of physical discomfort and mental fatigue.

The Verdict: An aristocratic strain with a captivating flavor profile, Crown OG is nothing short of superior medication for the mind, body, and spirit.

Crown OG: Photo courtesy of Instagram

Crown OG: Photo courtesy of Instagram

Strain Characteristics

Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

Also Known As: Crown OG

Genetics: OG Kush

Origin: California

How Stoned Will You Get: 9

Average THC: 27%

Average Price Per ⅛: $50

Awards:  2016 HTCC, 2nd – Best Indica Concentrates

Strain Profile

The Science: A batch of lab tested Crown OG indicates the strain resides in the upper echelon of today’s most potent strains. Testing at 27.92% in total tetrahydrocannabinol and 0.40% in cannabidiol, the Crown OG variation enjoys an enhanced OG terpene profile. Unable to substantiate through the online test found, I suspect future lab tests will discover the strain has an elevated Humulene, α-Pinene, and β-caryophyllene profile. Typical for an OG Kush, these compounds are responsible for the strain’s aromatic aroma.

Appearance: Robed in THC-laced trichomes, a crowd of marmalade-colored pistils kneels before the Crown OG calyxes. Tight knuckles of intoxicating pleasure, the Crown OG phenotypes are visually striking. Cultivated and cured by seasoned professionals, this variant of OG Kush has most definitely earned her crown.

Consistency: Inspired by the original OG Kush and improved by Crown OG, these perfectly cured flowers have seemingly morphed into rock hard nuggets of pleasure. Solid and spiky, the Crown OG bud has earned the loyalty of her adoring fans.

Scent: Cracking open the Crown OG jar, an aroma of sweet pine mixed with a heady cross of spicy fuel dominate the olfactory senses. Inspired to follow their nose, this pungent combination of intoxicating aromas helped galvanize its supremacy on the West Coast.

Taste: Smooth, spicy, and enthralling, the Crown OG flavor creates a bit of a dilemma for some. Because the flavor is just so freaking delicious, even after getting high, some refuse to put the joint down or back away from the bong. Dominated and dictated by her collective terpenes, the Crown OG flower brings a hint of spiciness to the smoke circle. Tapping into her genetic downline, Crown OG enjoys subtle notes of petroleum, sweet pine, and a peppery spice.

Effect: Thanks to skillful cultivation and its elevated THC content, the Crown OG high is nothing short of a day ending adventure into a relaxed mindset. Instantaneously tranquilized, daily worries over bills, traffic, and work all slowly melt into the subconscious background. Freed from modern concerns, the Crown OG high is truly therapeutic for the overworked mind.

Strain Background: Meticulously pheno-hunted to capture OG Kush’s most noteworthy traits, this recent variation was created from the original OG Kush genetics. Advanced and enhanced thanks to Crown Genetics’ proprietary cultivation technique, and their keen eye for spotting fire phenotypes, the Crown OG crew took the old school genetics to new heights.

Medical UsesA holistic strain, Crown OG’s collective compounds help provide an internal balance in an otherwise chaotic world. Great for achieving restful sleep or stimulating a lackluster appetite, Crown OG is known to banish stress, depression, and pain to the outer reaches of the physical domain.

Growth and Seed Info

Find Crown OG online today

Find Crown OG online today

Note: Consider growing a Sea Of Green (SOG)

Pros: High THC content (Great for making concentrates)

Cons: Availability

Original Breeder: OG Kush, unknown

Current Breeder: Crown Genetics

Known Phenotypes: Medium-height, large dense flower

Seed Bank of Choice: N/A

Flowering Time: 55-60 days

Flowering Type: ScrOG it

Growth Height: Medium outdoors, short indoors

Expected Yield: Average to high

Garden Skill Level: Intermediate

Family: Kush

Related Strains: Chemdawg, Hindu Kush

Crown OG
Crown OG
Crown OG