Vanilla Kush
Vanilla Kush
Vanilla Kush
Vanilla Kush
Vanilla Kush

Vanilla Kush

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Strain Overview

The Scoop: Vanilla Kush is a sultry cross of the Kashmir Hashplant x Kush that was first propagated by the skillful breeders at Barney’s Farm. Bred from historic genetics responsible for many of today’s modern strains, this Kushed-out Vanilla’s soaring THC content is accentuated by its tropical hits of citrus, lavender, and vanilla.

The Result: Thanks to its genetic connection to the Hindu Kush territory, located between the volatile countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Vanilla Kush grows well in mountainous regions. Considered easy to cultivate for the newbie grower, Vanilla Kush is thought to be a great strain for those contemplating their first grow.

 vanilla Kush marijuana strain review

The Verdict: Fragrant, forceful, and producing sugar-coated calyxes during the final month of cultivation, Vanilla Kush’s trichome glands morph from clear globules to an opaque gold at full maturation. Hardly your typical “wake and bake strain,” Vanilla Kush is best utilized as a stress-reducing nightcap. Physically soothing and emotionally cleansing, this descendent from the Hindu Kush region instills a state of relaxed bliss for the nocturnally challenged.

Strain Characteristics

Vanilla Kush Cannabinoid Profile

Vanilla Kush cannabinoid profile

Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Also Known As: N/A

Genetics: Kashmir Hashplant x Kush

Origin: Amsterdam

How Stoned Will You Get: 8.5

Average THC: 21%

Average Price Per ⅛: $35

Awards: 2nd place 2009 HTCC

Strain Profile

The Science: Lab tested, Vanilla Kush was found to have elevated levels of the following cannabinoids represented by their percentage of weight per batch: THC — 2.4%, CBD — 0.3%, CBN — 0.1%, THCa — 9.7%, CBGa — 4.1%. Both analgesic and anti-inflammatory, the strain’s elevated CBGa cannabinoid level indicates Vanilla Kush would be most beneficial for those seeking help with issues like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or glaucoma.

Appearance: Vanilla Kush flashes hues of forest green mixed with translucent trichomes and amber pistils, collectively creating her psychoactive allure. Tight, bulbous, and resembling a strawberry in both shape and size, the buds display maroon pistils protruding through the resinous calyxes. Blinged-out in trichomes rather than diamonds, Vanilla Kush will impress even the most discriminating cannabis connoisseur.

Consistency: Viscid and dense, Vanilla Kush is a hot mess to break apart by hand. Known for being the “sticky-icky,” Vanilla Kush is loaded with beneficial trichomes. As such, a grinder is almost a prerequisite for shredding Vanilla Kush effectively — unless, of course, you want everything in sight sticking to your resin-covered digits.

Scent: Vanilla Kush is best distinguished by her tantalizing aroma. With delectable hints of vanilla and molasses, the sweet smell of the Vanilla Kush bouquet is accompanied by a seductive trace of floral and lavender. With her appetizing undertones, Vanilla Kush is the crème brûlée of cannabis with the nose to make it one of the better smelling flowers found at your local dispensary.

Taste: Lit and inhaled, Vanilla Kush initially embraces a creamy essence that envelops your full palate with a sugary, syrup-like flavor. At first, the flavor of sweet Molasses passes over your tongue and fills your mouth. Then, the hammer drops. No longer so “sweet,” its citrus and earthy undertones are exposed on the exhale. With a truly unique flavor profile, Vanilla Kushis widely considered a great strain for reducing stress at those fun-filled family gatherings during the holidays.

Effect: Relief for those who would rather grind 24/7 than slave from nine to five, Vanilla Kush is an after-hours delicacy. Much like a mental dessert with medicinal properties, Vanilla Kush imparts a composed and casual outlook for our sometimes-chaotic world. Soothing the hyperactive mind and exhausted muscles, the strain’s elevated mindset and medicinal benefits last for a solid two hours.

Strain Background: Considered an 80/20 hybrid, Vanilla Kush was created by Barney’s Farm Seed Company in Amsterdam. A heavy yielder for such a short and squat plant, Vanilla Kush adapts nicely to being cultivated within the Sea of Green technique. Sold as feminized seeds (which insinuates no males), Vanilla Kush finishes its flowering cycle in 50-60 days.

Medical UsesVanilla Kush is a great nighttime strain/medication. Reported to help mitigate pain and insomnia, Vanilla Kush is also recognized for its ability to relax the body’s overburdened muscles. Long-lasting and effectual, Vanilla Kush is modern medicine for the enlightened mind.

Vanilla Kush
Vanilla Kush
Vanilla Kush